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Required eCOI Training & Certification

On April 26, 2017 each person accessing the eCOI System will be notified that they must complete a required Training & Certification.  PHS Regulations require that this training be completed at least every four years.  Upon accessing the eCOI System, each user will receive a pop-up message informing them that the training is required.  The user WILL NOT be able to proceed to other business in the system until this training is complete.  It is a very short training, requiring only a brief review of the relevant Federal Regulations and Emory Policies on Conflict of Interest in Research.  If you have any questions or experience any problems, please contact our main line at (404) 712-0046 or our list serve at

2017 Annual Certification in eCOI

The 2017 Annual certifications are now available in eCOI.

Click here to submit an Annual Certification.

For instructions on how to fill out an Annual Certification, click here.

Please remember that Mozilla Firefox is the recommended Internet web browser for eCOI. Other web browsers might have compatibility issues and the content of this system might look altered and/or may not function properly. Also, the eCOI program does not work well on smart phones or tablet computers.

Revised External Investigator Report of Financial Interests in Research Form

Please be aware there is a now a revised External Investigator Report of Financial Interests in Research form.  This form is expanded to all awards and contracts that follow the US Public Health Services (PHS) Regulations.  You can obtain this form on our website, under “Forms.”

eCOI Disclosure and Reports Processes

Please take a look at the new process flow charts for External Activites Reports (EARs) and Financial Interest in Disclosure Reports (PFIRRs). These flow charts serve as a guide to help Faculty and Staff members understand the approval process of EARs and PFIRRs after submission.

For External Activity Reports click here.

For Financial Interest in Research Disclosure click here.

Office of Compliance FDA Financial disclosure form

ORC has replaced the financial disclosure forms on the FDA regulated studies FAQ pages. For more information continue reading here for a drug study and here for a device. NOTE: The FDA financial disclosure form is different from and is in addition to any financial disclosure forms that are required by NIH.


COI Reminders

  • For all research performed at Emory, investigators must complete Financial Interest in Research Reports for the below listed situations:
    • at time of initiation for the project
    • on an annual basis for the life of the award
      • at time of annual progress report
      • twelve months after the Notice of Award, and/or
      • twelve months after initiation of the project
  • All research projects, including clinical trials and internally funded research, require annual Investigator Financial Interest Related to Research forms. This includes No-Cost Extensions. Research Administrators and/or PIs must initiate a new Proposal Financial Interest in Research Report each year of the project in the eCOI system.
  • Only select "amend" to make changes to Proposal Financial Interest in Research Report during the last 12 months (e.g., adding new team members, change of PI).
  • Public Health Service Studies: Once TBD investigators have been identified, they must complete an Investigator Financial Interest in Research Report within 30 days.
  • COI disclosures are not needed for individuals listed as "Other Significant Contributors" unless the PI has indicated that the individuals are responsible for and has the authority to make independent decisions regarding the design, conduct or reporting of the research.
  • If you have added a project to the eCOI system that either was not funded or no longer active, please remove the Proposal Financial Interest in Research Report form from your dashboard:
    • Go to your eCOI Home page
    • Click "manage my proposals"
    • Find the report and click "remove" under proposal actions